Safety and Services

To safeguard your health, our staff receives yearly training on the latest sterilization techniques and hygiene procedures. The office is furnished with a state-of-the-art wrapped cassette sterilization system for eliminating the risk of cross-patient contamination.  All instruments and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized prior to treating each patient to ensure your health and safety.  All sterilization procedures are carefully monitored, using a spore test system, to provide an effective and safe health-care environment.  Our stringent sterilization procedures meet or exceed all government mandated patient protection standards.

Digital radiographs (X-rays) are taken as necessary to identify problems early on so that they may be treated before they become serious.  In addition to detecting cavities, radiographs are used to identify cysts, abscesses, tumors, periodontal (gum) disease and malformed or impacted teeth.  Advanced digital equipment and sensors are used to reduce risk of exposure to radiation.