How Long Does It Take for CPAP to Start Working?

How Long Does It Take for CPAP to Start Working?

Apr 01, 2023

Have you been dealing with obstructive sleep apnea for quite some time and finally been prescribed a CPAP device as a solution for the condition? When looking at the CPAP instrument, you may have apprehensions about whether the device will work as mentioned by the provider for sleep apnea treatment near me. However, the instrument is considered the gold standard for treating sleep apnea and undoubtedly works.

CPAP devices help alleviate most of the adverse effects of sleep apnea when used consistently. However, despite the information about the authenticity of this instrument, you may have questions about how long the machine requires time before providing results. You try to understand whether the CPAP machine will immediately solve the problems you have with obstructive sleep apnea.

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FREE Sleep Apnea Consultations

How Much Time Before Your Sleep Apnea Symptoms Get Better With CPAP?

Sleep apnea patients are unique because everyone has different versions. Some people have severe sleep apnea, while others may have mild. In addition, everyone tolerates the CPAP machine differently, and it takes varying amounts of time when getting accustomed to it. The results can also vary between patients making your experience different from other people with similar problems.

Fortunately, CPAP machines are noted for their effectiveness in delivering results quickly. Some patients feel better after the first night of use. Others may require a week or two to get accustomed to the treatment.

Various factors determine how quickly you get accustomed to the CPAP machine. The severity of your sleep apnea also plays a vital role in deciding how fast you might acclimatize yourself to the bulky machine. However, generally, the longer you use the CPAP device, the better you start feeling throughout the day. When you continue getting better sleep using the CPAP machine, you notice that you are energetic and no longer feel irritated or exhausted during the day or confront challenges focusing on work or school.

What Studies Reveal

An abundance of investigation has been conducted on using the CPAP device. Studies reveal the longer you use the CPAP device, the better results you achieve. Unfortunately, getting accustomed to a bulky device attached to your mouth to permit you to breathe uninterrupted is the biggest challenge you confront with this machine. It is why many patients don’t tolerate it even when they need sleep apnea treatment San Diego to prevent problems of not sleeping well several nights in a row and confront various challenges that accompany it.

When you lack quality sleep, you start feeling tired, and your body doesn’t function well. Therefore, even when a CPAP machine is recommended by sleep apnea treatment in San Diego, you will likely feel groggy even after a whole night’s rest because your body tries to recover from the lack of sleep during the earlier nights. Therefore, your journey to better sleep with the CPAP machine starts gradually, making it essential for you to exercise patience with the device because you may feel better in one day or require several days before you find some relief from the effects of sleep apnea.

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Alternative Treatments for Sleep Apnea

Although the CPAP machine is considered the gold standard for sleep apnea, alternatives are also available to offer more comfort when dealing with a potentially severe sleep disorder that makes you experience interrupted breathing when sleeping to wake you up briefly several times during the night.

If you visit the sleep apnea dentist nearby, they provide a customized oral appliance that you wear in your mouth when sleeping to give you an appropriate remedy for sleep apnea in San Diego. Unlike the CPAP machine requiring days or weeks before delivering results, the oral appliance pioneered by dentists functions faster to provide overnight results from the first day of use, helping treat the underlying cause of sleep apnea which the CPAP machine doesn’t address.

Oral appliances pioneered by dentists are better tolerated when sleeping because the instruments are not bulky and don’t require attachment to your body like the CPAP device. In addition, it is a safe, painless, affordable, and non-invasive treatment for a severe sleep-related disorder with the potential to cause several health complications that might affect your cardiovascular health and make you a victim of systemic conditions like diabetes, et cetera.

CPAP machines are undoubtedly the gold standard for treating mild, moderate, or severe sleep apnea. However, oral appliances don’t lag because they are comfortable and deliver instant results to give you a good night’s rest when you begin wearing them.

If you are affected by sleep apnea and seek treatment for the problem, the Center for Oral Health provides DNA appliances to help you enjoy uninterrupted breathing. Consult them today to learn about the DNA appliance and how it enables you to overcome sleep apnea and receive therapy from them.