Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in San Diego, CA

Crowns serve many protective, restorative, and cosmetic purposes in dentistry, as they are designed to cover nearly the entire surface of a patient’s tooth. If our dentist near you recommends crowns in San Diego, CA, our professional staff will schedule an appointment for the crown to be placed. At Center for Oral Health, your oral health and wellness is a priority for our team and Dr. Nasim Saeedi, including improving your dental well-being with crowns.

Versatility of Dental Crowns

Dentists use crowns for several purposes. Most patients may be familiar with dental crowns as a protective treatment for cavities in teeth that are too large for traditional dental fillings. In this case, a dental crown protects the tooth from further damage and restores its health and function. Dental crowns are also a versatile and important part of restorative procedures for patients with tooth loss, such as dental implants and bridges.

Dental crowns can also be used for cosmetic purposes to improve a patient’s oral appearance. Crowns can be used to cover teeth that are worn, broken, or misshapen. In addition, if a patient’s tooth is severely discolored, a dental crown can be used to cover it and thereby improve the look of oral health for the patient.

What If My Dental Crown Breaks or Comes Loose?

Occasionally, due to wear and tear or age, a crown that is in place in a patient’s mouth will break or come loose. If this happens, it’s essential to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nasim Saeedi immediately. As long as your crown is not properly fitted and in place, the tooth it was covering is vulnerable and at risk for damage. To avoid these complications, our professional staff must replace your dental crown as soon as possible.

If you are interested in more information about dental crowns near you and their versatility in dentistry, contact our dentist in San Diego, CA. Your oral health and wellness are important, and dental crowns are a versatile technique to support that, available with Dr. Nasim Saeedi at Center for Oral Health. Schedule your next appointment with us today. We look forward to seeing you!