Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in San Diego, CA

Dental fillings are a necessary treatment to help restore teeth with cavities to health. When tooth decay permeates the outer layer of a tooth, called the enamel, a tiny hole develops and becomes a cavity. Cavities typically grow worse over time and threaten the health of the affected tooth, nearby teeth, and the gum tissue. If our dentist near you determines that you have a cavity in one or more teeth, fillings in San Diego, CA will be recommended for treatment. At Center for Oral Health, Dr. Nasim Saeedi and our entire staff are dedicated to your oral health and wellness, including offering restorative treatment for cavities in the form of dental fillings.

Formation of Cavities

The enamel of our teeth is the hardest substance in the body. However, it is still vulnerable to tooth decay. As bacteria in the mouth gather in the form of plaque on your teeth, they begin to erode the enamel. Once this erosion infiltrates the outer layer, a cavity is formed, and the health of the tooth is at risk.

During routine dental examinations, Dr. Nasim Saeedi will assess the health of your teeth and gums, including checking for cavities. If a cavity is found, treatment is required to restore the tooth to health.

Fillings as Treatment

If our dentist in San Diego, CA identifies a cavity, the decayed part of the tooth must be professionally cleaned to eliminate the bacteria. Once this is done, the remaining portion of the tooth is vulnerable to damage and further decay. A dental filling covers this vulnerable area and protects the tooth. Once the filling is in place, the tooth is restored to health and normal function.

Occasionally a patient may experience a loose filling or one that comes out. If this is the case, it’s essential to contact our team at Center for Oral Health immediately for replacement fillings near you. Having your filling replaced as soon as possible will reduce the risk of damage to the tooth that is unprotected without the dental filling.

Of course, it’s best if patients can avoid cavities and fillings altogether. Keeping up with excellent oral hygiene will lower your risk of tooth decay and the formation of cavities.