Partials & Full Dentures

Partials and Full Dentures in San Diego, CA

Though many people associate dentures with older patients, these sets of replacement teeth are beneficial at any age for people who have experienced significant tooth loss. Have you lost all or nearly all of your teeth due to severe decay, periodontal disease, or traumatic mouth injury? If so, partials and full dentures in San Diego, CA may be the solution to improve your quality of life. Our dentist near you will assess the condition of your tooth loss and recommend dentures as a restorative treatment. To find out more about this procedure, contact our team at Center for Oral Health.

What Are Partials and Full Dentures?

Partials and full dentures are sets of replacement teeth created by Dr. Nasim Saeedi for patients with significant tooth loss. Partials are designed for patients who still have at least one or more of their original teeth still intact in their mouth. Full dentures are designed for patients who have lost all of the teeth in their mouth, either in the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both.

Dentures are an important method of treatment for patients with significant tooth loss because they can restore oral health, function, and appearance. When patients are missing the majority of their teeth, it is difficult for them to eat, chew, and even speak properly. This affects their nutrition and quality of life in terms of enjoying meals and communicating effectively. Dentures restore these oral functions to patients. In addition, significant tooth loss can cause patients to feel self-conscious about their oral appearance. Dentures restore a healthy-looking smile so that patients are able to be confident in how they look and with their interpersonal relationships.

Avoiding Significant Tooth Loss

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid significant tooth loss. For example, taking excellent care of your teeth and gums with daily oral hygiene habits will prevent the harmful effects of tooth decay and gum disease. Patients at risk for mouth injury, such as athletes in contact sports, can help avoid tooth loss by wearing protection in the form of mouth guards.

If you need partials or full dentures near you, contact our dentist in San Diego, CA. Dr. Nasim Saeedi and the staff at Center for Oral Health are committed to your oral health!