Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in San Diego, CA

Even though our teeth are protected by layers of hard tissue, made up of minerals, the inside soft tissue layer (called the pulp) can still be harmed by bacteria. Bacteria in the mouth gather on the surface of teeth and form plaque, which results in tooth decay and erosion of the protective layers surrounding the tooth’s pulp. If the bacteria infiltrate the pulp of a tooth, this can cause infection and inflammation at the root level.

When a tooth’s roots become infected, the patient is at risk for tooth loss. That’s why our dentist near you will recommend root canal therapy in San Diego, CA to restore the tooth and its roots to health. If you have symptoms of an infected tooth, contact Dr. Nasim Saeedi at Center for Oral Health for treatment to restore your oral health and wellness.

What Are the Signs that Root Canal Therapy Is Needed?

Most patients experience intense and persistent tooth pain when root canal therapy is needed. The site of the infected tooth may also show signs of swelling or tenderness in the gum tissue. Patients may also feel increased tooth sensitivity to touch, temperature, and certain foods. If you are having any of these signs or symptoms, it’s essential to contact Dr. Nasim Saeedi immediately for an examination to determine whether root canal therapy can help.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Help?

Root canal therapy can help with an infected tooth by restoring it to health. Our dentist in San Diego, CA will clean the inside of the tooth as well as its roots to eliminate the bacteria and infection. This improves the patient’s chances of preserving the tooth and keeping it intact in the mouth so that no oral functions are lost. In addition, root canal therapy alleviates the patient’s pain and sensitivity, restoring their oral well-being.

If you require root canal therapy near you, our dental care team is prepared to support your safety and comfort during the procedure. At Center for Oral Health, we are committed to your overall oral health and wellness, including preserving your infected or inflamed teeth with root canal treatment.