Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in San Diego, CA

When a patient needs one or more teeth professionally removed from the mouth, this is called a dental extraction. In most cases, our dentist near you will take every precaution to save a tooth and keep it intact in the patient’s mouth. However, in other cases, extractions in San Diego, CA are essential to maintain or restore a patient’s overall oral health. Most dental extractions are simple, straightforward procedures performed by Dr. Nasim Saeedi during a scheduled office visit. If you need an extraction, schedule your appointment with our professional staff at Center for Oral Health.

When Are Extractions Necessary?

There are many common instances in which dental extractions are necessary. Occasionally, young patients will have one or more stubborn baby teeth that must be professionally removed from their sockets to allow the permanent teeth to emerge and develop properly. Extractions may be required for effective orthodontic treatment as well, or for a mouth that is overcrowded.

Another common reason for a dental extraction is during young adulthood when wisdom teeth often become impacted in the gum tissue. These molars are often surgically extracted to prevent any complications to the patient’s oral health and the structure of the mouth.

Recovery from Extractions

The recovery from a dental extraction is typically very quick and simple. For non-surgical extractions, the patient will be asked to limit any heavy physical activity for a day or so, in addition to being careful to let the healing in the empty socket take place. For surgical extractions, the recovery time may last a bit longer. All patients who have undergone an extraction of any kind should avoid alcohol consumption, tobacco use, and drinking from a straw until otherwise instructed. In addition, soft foods at room temperature are advised until the extraction site has healed.

If extractions near you are recommended by our dentist in San Diego, CA, the professional staff at Center for Oral Health is here to answer your questions or address any of your concerns. We are committed to your oral health and wellness, including providing safe and effective dental extractions with Dr. Nasim Saeedi. We look forward to hearing from you!